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Mandala Mandala


Explore the foundational principles and poses on which you can build your yoga practice (Level 1).

Bhakti Flow Level 1-2

A bridge from fundamentals into a flowing vinyasa practice. Link poses at a moderate pace with gradual transitions.

Bhakti Flow Level 2

A strong vinyasa practice that challenges endurance. Play with complex transitions, arm balancing and inverting.

Bhakti Flow Level 2-3

Engage with vigorous advanced variations in an intense vinyasa practice.


A slow, introspective practice designed to be adaptable. Organize, center and balance.


A restful practice on bolsters, blankets, and blocks. Receive support from props, and release your body-mind.


A balance to “yang” vinyasa and an active lifestyle. Linger in poses 2-8 minutes and explore how stillness can facilitate mobility.


Yoga adapted to a chair for accessibility. Gently practice poses seated or standing using the chair for support.


Breathe, chant, move, and dynamically meditate in this practice centered on Consciousness.

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