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It All Starts With This Deep Beautiful Sacred Practice

Bhakti Barn Yoga

Yoga can be very serious and intellectual, but what is less obvious is that it can be so much fun! This is why we created Bhakti Barn. Through practice, we open an opportunity to be completely in the moment, unhindered by thoughts or anything external.
Just you, your breath, and the moment.

Yoga is about Union and Connection. We created this space to accommodate a new community. A place where people can connect to others through the practice of yoga combined with the lightness of laughter and infused with beautiful color and music.

We want Bhakti Barn to be a place where your discovery can be light-hearted and the development of your Yoga practice can be an individual exploration, moving at your own pace.

Come to class, have some tea and be FREE!

-Betsy Davis

Vinyasa Yoga is mindfully sequenced movement linked with breath to create a moving meditation. Along with our core Vinyasa classes, we offer Fundamental, Gentle, Restorative, Chair, Yin and Kundalini Yoga. We hold programs for absolute beginners, kids, tweens and teens. Our Meditation Center offers Guided Mindfulness Meditation classes and series.

We have a vibrant program of yoga workshops with visiting teachers from across the country. We practice Bhakti Yoga by sharing Kirtan with our community. We’re home to NJ’s Premier Yoga Teacher Training School, offering esteemed 200 Hour and Advanced 300 Hour Yoga Programs featuring experts in the many aspects of the eight limbs of Yoga.

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Transform Your Life

Yoga Teacher Training

Please come and join us for this transformative adventure as you take your practice to the next level and change your world!

Practice From The Comfort Of Your Home

Video On Demand

In your home or on the road, Bhakti Barn's Video on Demand is love, joy and devotion for your body, heart and spirit!

Practice with your favorite teachers at YOUR favorite time of day!

** VoD is free with unlimited membership or just about $2 per day of access to hundreds of classes!

A Trip Of A Lifetime

Retreat to Bali

Get ready for the trip of a lifetime. It's our annual pilgrimage to the land of temples, incense, flowers, monkeys, and AMAZING spa treatments!!! Join Kelly from Happy Buddha Yoga and Betsy from Bhakti Barn for a retreat to tropical paradise.