300 Hour RYS Yoga Teacher Training

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Bhakti Barn Yoga is proud to offer a 300 Hour Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher Training!

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New Jersey's Premier Yoga Teacher Training School!

Path of Peace - A Way Toward Awakening

Enrich your teaching and life with new ways of thinking, seeing, moving and communicating. We’ve assembled expert guides to feed your curiosity, challenge your capacities, and facilitate your expansion. This is a stellar program for illuminating the essential, deep, and subtle layers of yoga practice and teaching.

Elevate your teaching, and let your light shine!

Upon completion of our 300 Hour Training, you will be able to register with Yoga Alliance at the 500 Hour Level. Many of the individual program days can be taken separately for Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Credits. If you are interested in any specific day programs, please contact Betsy for enrollment.

Prerequisite: Completion of a 200 Hour Yoga Alliance Certified Training, Application, Meeting and Demo Class with a Lead Trainer.

Topics Covered

Jyana & Bhakti: The Paths of Wisdom & Love, Energy & the Subtle Body, Embodied Anatomy & Movement, Intelligent & Inspired Sequencing, Ayurveda: The Science of Life, Adaptive Yoga

Expert Faculty

  • Betsy Davis
  • Vanessa Nassif
  • Chris Loebsack
  • Niika Quistgard
  • Stefanie Haberman
  • Tamara Tsoustsouris
  • Lisa Ferraro
  • Jen Guarnieri
  • Justin Ritchie
  • Matthew Grey
  • Caroline Calderone
  • Laksmi
  • Jenny Hoffman

Bhakti Barn 300 Hour Requirements

Experts - 189 hours

  • 12-4:30pm Saturday/Sunday
  • 21 weekends spanning September through June

Apprenticeship - 24 hours

  • Attend 9 mentor meetings (1.5 hours once a month)
  • Teach 5 classes and receive feedback

Classes - 57 hours

  • Attend 28 classes with any teacher at Bhakti Barn
  • Attend an additional 22 classes with Betsy, Vanessa or Tamara

Homework - 30 hours

  • Approximately 1.5 hours for each weekend we meet


  • Early Bird - if paid in full by August 1st: $4,4000
  • Paid in full by start of training: $4,800
  • Payment Plan including $600 deposit and 9 installments of $500: $5,100

Application Process

  1. Fill out application - Click Link Below
  2. Send email to set up a demo class and meeting with a Lead Trainer.
  3. Upon acceptance, arrange deposit Payment to hold your spot in the training.
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300 Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Schedule with Details: 2020-2021

Schedule and faculty are subject to change.
  • Sept 12 Bhagavad Gita w/Laksmi
  • Sept 13 Mythology & Storytelling w/Betsy
  • Oct 3 Yoga Sutras Revision: Happiness and Self Under the Microscope w/Matthew
  • Oct 4 Yoga Sutras Revolution: Treading the Path of the Spirit w/Matthew
  • Oct. 10 Tantric Sanskrit Practice w/Lisa
  • Oct 11 Tantric Philosophy w/Lisa
  • Oct 24 Harmonium Lab w/Betsy
  • Oct 25: Nada Yoga w/Lisa
  • Nov. 7: The Neuroscience & Physiology of Meditation w/Caroline
  • Nov 8: The Neuroscience & Physiology of Meditation w/Caroline
  • Nov 21: Physical Energy: Science of Energy/Mental Energy: Flow States w/Justin
  • Nov 22: Emotional Energy: Chakras/Spiritual Energy: Archetypes w/Justin
  • Dec 5: Pranayama: Breath of Life w/Vanessa
  • Dec 6: Pranayama w/Tamara
  • Dec 12:Orientation to Studying Embodied Anatomy w/Vanessa
  • Dec 13:The Spine w/Vanessa
  • Jan 9: Lower Limb w/ Vanessa
  • Jan 10: Lower/Upper Limb w/Vanessa
  • Jan 23: Upper Limb w/ Vanessa
  • Jan 24: Anatomy & Physiology of a Muscle w/Chris
  • Jan 30: Myofascial Lines: Looking at the Big Picture w/ Chris
  • Jan 31: Myofascial Lines: Looking at the Big Picture w/ Chris
  • Feb 6: Creative Warm-ups/Setting up Your Surya Namaskar w/Betsy
  • Feb 7: The Architecture of Your Class/Chakra Sequencing Lab w/ Betsy
  • Feb 20: Build It Up to Break It Down w/Chris
  • Feb 21: Myofascial Lines & Elemental Flow in Sequencing w/Chris
  • Mar 6: Sequencing for Awareness w/Vanessa
  • Mar 7: Sequencing for Awareness w/Vanessa
  • Mar 20: Creating a Sequence: Peak Poses w/Jen
  • Mar 21: Transitions: The Space Between Poses w/Jen
  • Apr 10: Basics of BALANCE by Nature w/Niika
  • Apr 11: Daily Rhythms + Self Care Routines w/Niika
  • Apr 17: WISE Mind and Emotions w/Niika
  • Apr 18: TASTE the 6 Rasas w/Niika
  • May 1: Life STAGES + Dharma w/Niika
  • May 2: Sensory Class DESIGN w/Niika
  • May 15: Gentle Yoga w/Stefanie
  • May 16: Accessible Yoga w/ Stefanie
  • May 22: Teaching Virtual Yoga: Tools to Build a Digital Platform w/Jenny
  • May 22: Yoga & Racial Justice
  • May 23: Restorative Yoga w/Stefanie
  • Jun 5: Teaching Individualized Yoga w/Vanessa
  • Jun 6: Teaching Individualized Yoga w/Vanessa

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