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Our Big-Hearted and Dedicated Teachers

Betsy Davis

Betsy Davis is the founder/co-owner and principal teacher of Bhakti Barn Yoga in Millburn, and Glen Ridge New Jersey, which are vibrant havens for yogis for the past 9 years. Betsy has been teaching yoga for 19 years and practicing yoga for over 20 years. Betsy began her yoga studies with Dana Flynn and Jasmine Tarkeshi of Laughing Lotus NYC and was a senior teacher at Laughing Lotus NYC for 12 years.

Betsy’s teachings offer an experience of yoga that includes mudra, mantra, pranayama, asana, and yoga philosophy that is infused with a mind-full awareness of alignment. She incorporates music and poetry for a transformative and uplifting experience. Her classes are filled with creative and playful movement, which acts as a bridge to deeper union with the self and the moment, on the path to liberation.

Betsy is also a painter and ran a decorative painting business and set painting/backdrop business out of New York City for 25 years! You can see her handy work at the studio through murals and decorative gold-leaf borders.

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